Listacular help

Listacular basics

Listacular is a powerful text-based list, to-do and note app. This app can help you speed up your list-making and note-taking processes.

You can optionally sync your Listacular files to Dropbox. Listacular supports various file formats including basic text (.txt), TaskPaper files (.taskpaper) and Markdown files (.md). To learn more about the various file formats, check out the File Format Help one screen back.

Basic editing actions:

Moving and reordering items:

Checking and deleting items:

Setting due dates:

Working with files:

App URL Scheme

You can connect Listacular to other apps like Launch Center Pro with app URLs.

Open Listacular with due items screen


Create an empty file



Open/create list and append tasks

A file will be created if no lists exists to open



Open/create list and prepend tasks


File formats

Listacular supports various file formats including plaintext (.txt), TaskPaper files (.taskpaper) and coming very soon, Markdown files (.md).

If you would like to customize your file formats in a future version of Listacular? Please contact me on the previous screen via support.

Plaintext list (.txt):

Plaintext is the simplest format.

# This is a header

- This is a todo
- This is a checked todo @done

* This is a bullet point

This item is *italic*, 
this one is **bold**, 
this one is ***bold-italic***

TaskPaper (.taskpaper):

TaskPaper uses the same format as Jesse Grosjean's TaskPaper for Mac

This is a header:
This is plain text
- This is a todo
- This is a completed todo @done
This is a @tag